Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The World's Dorkiest Smile

I'm smiling more now because it doesn't hurt my upper gum anymore.

Another day without pain killers, not even Tylenol.

Spent two hours in Berkeley this afternoon. Bought fresh raviolis, salad, and a slice of tres leches cake for Doug, and some rice pudding for me. Got a new pair of jeans at Anthropologie. Woohoo! All the store clerks were super nice to me, and extra friendly. Surprisingly, I never had to repeat myself - they all understood me perfectly even though I was mumbling through rubber bands, a splint, and clenched teeth. The only time anyone really couldn't "guess" what I was saying was when I ordered the tres leches cake. The poor guy had to come out from behind the counter to see exactly what I was pointing at. Tres leches! LOL. The only person that asked what's going on with my face was the cashier at the Italian deli. He said - "Why did they bind your jaws?" "Oh, I had jaw surgery." I said. For a split second there was a hint of horror in his face, which quickly disappeared when I smiled - and he smiled back. Coolio!

Doug and I stayed at home for Valentine's Day dinner. I boiled the raviolis for him, and he made a delicious milkshake for me, with rice pudding, vanilla ice cream, and a banana. I drank it from a bowl (no more syringes!!). Just perfect.

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Mrs. Shanton said...

I am SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to ditching the syringes. I really struggle to eat anything. Over the sink. Not fun. Doug sounds like a keeper.