Monday, February 12, 2007

All Clear!

The follow-up appointment with Dr. Li went really well this morning (the photo was taken right before we went into his office). He said my lower jaw is, in fact, NOT crooked. The fact the lower teeth appear to be misaligned is precisely why I need further orthodontics work. He showed me the model they took of my bite prior to surgery and moved the upper and lower jaws to demonstrate their alignment, and how that affects how the teeth meet. Thank God I don't need to go in for a Take 2!

He was pleased the swelling has gone down - "We're not quite there yet, but this is much better than the chipmunk look." Ha. You can say THAT again. He said my chin looked more defined now, and asked if I were happy with the way it looked. YES! Yes I am. :) He's a brilliant surgeon!

Unfortunately I'll remain banded shut for the next two weeks. The good news is, I'll only have to wear the splint around the clock for another week - after which it's only required at night. That would make it so much easier - the splint is my least favorite thing! It's annoying and ever-present. Tick tock. Just another week....

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