Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bitter Sweet

The liquid Tylenol has apparently worn off. Sleep has been elusive this morning. My jaws feel like they've been filled with lead. The splint between my upper and lower teeth is cutting into the side of my tongue whenever I attepmpt to "talk" through clenched teeth. So I don't.

Not sure whether this one's good or bad - but my laugh line (yes, I have only one) has promptly returned after a 10-day hiatus, because the swelling in my face has finally deflated enough to allow it. Life is....bitter sweet, sometimes.


Mary said...

Hi Kristen, I am reminded by your posts of my early weeks after surgery, waking up everyday with pain in my mouth and the daily subtle changes that happen. You already look really great and it will be interesting to see how your face changes as the swelling comes down. By the way, I love your photos, you have a great eye. What kind of camera are you using? Mary

Kristen said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for the encouragement. Are you referring to the photos at I'm using a Canon PowerShot SD200, nothing fancy, just point and shoot. Traveling is so much fun and so inspiring. There are always new things to discover and experience. I can't wait to go again! Do you have any photos online you'd share? :)

Kim said...

Hey Kristen,

OMG! You look wonderful! I can't believe the changes that are taking place right before our very eyes. Sounds like your spirits are back up also. Glad to hear that.
I tried to post photos today but it appears the site is full so I'm going to try and post from my cable network. I'd like to give you an idea of how things are progressing and where I came from.
Keep that smile on! Kim

Kristen said...

Hey Kim, thanks for the encouragement! I can't wait to see your photos!