Sunday, February 11, 2007


  • Glad the swelling seems to be going down today, though I don't FEEL that way. The bruises under my eyes have disappeared. The cheeks are still swollen, of course, and numb to a certain degree, but not as badly.

  • My lips seem to have deflated a little as well, much to my disappointment. ;) Upper left has 100% feeling; upper right maybe 80%; lower left 80%, and lower right 30%. Everyday it comes back a little more.

  • See how my hair is up in a ponytail? Yay! I used to HATE ponytails. Still not my favorite.... but they're not something I avoid anymore.

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Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Kristen,
I think you are looking great! Very adorable! and I can definitely see where the swelling has come down quite a bit. Honestly, I think people who didn't know you before hand would probably not even notice that you are still swollen.
You mentioned the feeling in the different quadrants, what about your lower lip? Do you have any numbness in it or do you have full feeling?

OMG I have to tell you that pic of you holding that giant syringe just scares me. I guess I'm trying to stay in a bit of denial about the whole eating out of a tube/syringe thing. Do you have any of the zip and squeeze bags? I have heard from many of the other jaw surgery folks that these are lifesavers. They are listed as the best thing they heard about prior to surgery. I'm not sure how much longer you will be banded shut but you might want to get some for yourself. I have already purchased a bunch for my upcoming surgery. Here is the website if you want to check them out.

Glad to see you are doing so well, and I love your positive attitude, I truly believe that makes a big difference in the healing process! Keep smiling!