Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Four Weeks Post Op!

Four weeks post op!! I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that breathing difficulties are now behind me, as are syringes. Thank God! Those first 10 days were the toughest. Here's my profile as of today (left), and my face from the full front view (below right).

I've been eating a much more "normal" diet, consisting of cream of wheat, lots of fish, cottage cheese, and mixed-berry milkshakes. Oh, AND dark chocolate. It melts on your tongue. How convenient is that? My weight fluctuates between 135 and 137 lbs. I just hope I don't ballon up after I can chew again.

As I mentioned earlier, tomorrow I'm going in for another follow-up appointment with Dr. Li, my 3rd since the surgery. I also have my 2nd MLD appointment in the afternoon. It felt good the first time. So good, in fact, that I actually dozed off for a few minutes.


Kim said...

Hey Kristen...I can't say it enough. You look amazing. Hope you are still healing well! Looking forward to going back to work? Kim

cornelia said...

Hey, congratultions on getting it done, you look amazing. ive read your blog alot through the last few weeks and you have really helped me alot! I almost didnt go through with the surgery but you have such a positive outlook on it all its great! Im now 4 weeks post op (i had an overbite aswell as an openbite) Please take a look at my blog :)

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