Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cookie-Cutter Houses and Rookie "Rednecks"

Another observation of mine is that all (new) houses in Houston look the same. Appealing red-brick exterior, high ceiling, beige wall-to-wall carpet, and a sizable backyard. Attractive package.... albeit a little too cookie-cutter for my taste. Here I was in front of my friend Peng's house, which he purchased last year, after leaving his engineering director position on the east coast to accept a professorship overseas.

Had a memory refresher on Texas and its love for guns this afternoon. It turned out one of our friends, Peng's neighbor, owns a shotgun. Before I knew it, the three of us were on our way to the closest shooting range, only a 5-minute drive away. I didn't want to deal with the kick on my shoulder, so I killed the time watching the boys. They killed nothing, thankfully - but they did manage to hit at least 70%. Not bad!

Clocked in another rubberband-free, splint-free day. My jaws can open wider and wider now without pain, which makes inserting chocolates easier and easier. Very nice progress. :)

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