Friday, February 22, 2008

A Shout Out to Susan

Susan, you have the same orthodontist AND surgeon? Whoa, small world. Leave (another) comment and let me know however I can help out! :)

I live in San Francisco. Don't wanna post my number or email address here for obvious reasons, but you can IM me on Yahoo Messenger at "kristenchat" so we can connect.

One word that will hopefully help put your mind at ease: Dr. Li will send your insurance company a request for authorization. It's his standard procedure. No need for you to lift a finger.

In my case, it was considered Class III Skeletal Deformity. Medical reason enough for any insurance company. The trick is, some of them state explicitly that medical reasons or not, they simply don't cover jaw surgeries, period. That you gotta figure out directly with them. Best of luck!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

1 Year Post Op, Before & After Photo 4

Before and after profiles!

The surgery is now a distant memory. I hit my one year post-op anniversary last Thursday, January 31st. You can still see some gum when I smile big - that can't be helped. But, it's part of what makes me look like ME (and my mother), so I don't mind it at all.

Most importantly, I've been excercising my front teeth and cutting through lots of sandwiches and noodles, etc., which I hadn't been able to do in a long time, due to the edge-on-edge bite. Oh, the joy and satisfaction of literally sinking your teeth into food! :)

Another benefit? No more jaw fatigue. Some people get headaches when they're tired. I used to get jaw aches. My jaws would get tired and feel a dull ache. Very annoying. Now poof, that's long gone. Plus, no more clicking or weird shifting when I open wide! That used to freak me out: the weird twisting and popping of my jaw joints when I had to open wide at a dentist's. No more of that. The nightmare is over!


My very gummy smile and pointy long chin before braces and surgery, vs. a much rounder face now.

1 Year Post Op, Before & After Photo 3

Before Braces Vs. One Year Post-Op.

1 Year Post Op, Before & After Photo 2

Before Braces Vs. 1-Year Post-Op.

1 Year Post Op, Before & After Photo 1

Morning of braces installation (Feb. 7th, 2006) Vs. (almost) one year post-op (December 2007).