Friday, February 09, 2007

Good Thing My Birthday's Not Coming Up Anytime Soon

Obviously, there are quite a few things you simply can't do with your jaws wired-shut. Here's a funny one - I lit a scented candle the other day, only to realize later that I couldn't put it out. Had to ask for help with that one. Haha. Also, yawning and coughing are hard to do. I cradle my chin when I do it, which helps.


Metoposcopist said...

That's pretty funny. I do something sort of similar. When ever I make myself soup, I always manage to get a little on my finger. Just out of reaction I try to lick my finger. I've done it too many times. I always laugh at myself when it happens.

Kristen said...

That IS funny! LOL. My OS says he'll cut the rubber bands on Monday so that I'll have free rein of my jaws during the day. But I'll still have to wear the bands at night - just in case I have another sticky gum nightmare. Protect me from myself!