Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Plak Smacker

A friend of mine (who had braces last year) gave me some disposable toothbrushes yesterday. They're pre-pasted and individually wrapped, so I can just stuff it in my purse and viola, I'm ready to go. No more hauling around a heavy battery-operated toothbrush and a whole tube of toothpaste. What a great idea! Thanks Cindy!

Just bought a whole pack of them at PlakSmacker.com.


Spoke with my surgeon's office this morning. They've just sent the paperwork for pre-authorization to my insurance company yesterday. So it'll take another three to four weeks to find out whether or not the surgery will be covered. I checked my benefits online last night, and on the website it said - " You are covered for orthognathic surgery (surgery to reposition the upper and/or lower jaw) when it is medically necessary to correct skeletal deformity. Certain services, such as implants and orthodontia are not covered. " Sounds hopeful!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fingers Crossed!

Had an x-ray at my surgeon's office about a month ago, in preparation for the surgery. Today I received a letter from my insurance company, Blue Shield of California, declining payment for the x-ray, citing that it is "specifically excluded" from my coverage. Uh oh. Does this mean they'll refuse to cover my jaw surgery as well??

Calling my surgeon's office first thing in the morning to find out if they have received pre-authorization. I know they've been working on it this month.

Wish me good luck!!