Monday, February 26, 2007

Less Is More

As in, less swelling is more desirable. Now that it's been 26 days since the surgery, I'm starting to wonder: am I permanently stuck with this slightly puffy, round face, or will it continue to deflate? I don't know quite what to expect, or get used to. There's still persistent tightness/tension/pressure around my jaws, cheeks, and neck. I go to sleep with it, wake up with it, feeling it every waking moment. How long will it take for that to go away completely? Will it ever?

On the other hand, I'm really glad that this is taking up less and less mindshare. The surgery and subsequent recovery are no longer the number one focus in my life. No more syringes - which makes it so much less intrusive and disruptive. Aside from the two rubber bands I've decided to put back on during the day - to help train the jaw muscles to get used to their new positions - I feel almost normal again (the braces are a constant, of course). It's amazing how quickly and relatively easily we adapt.


Mary said...

Hey Kristen, I remember having the same concerns. My OS told me it would take at least 6 months for the swelling to go away completely and before I really see the permanent result of how I would look so in your case, since you had so much more than I did, I would expect that it would take at least that long, if not even longer. Part of that tightness for me anyway is the numbness. Plus, your scar is still healing and that feels tight as well. Do you still have a lot of tingling and burning? My OS was very liberal, like yours. I was eating without rubber bands early on and was eating a pretty good diet from day 2, whereas some people were on strict clear diet for 4 weeks and then a soft chew for many more months. (but I was in my splint for 5 weeks which I hated, it cut into my gums.) I was eating things like chicken pretty early on. Although I still do have mobility issues with how much I can put into my mouth and move around. You barely have a month behind you so you may still have the swelling for some time. The MLD should continue to help with that. I think you are doing really great! (Sorry to hear about your parents.) Mary

Anonymous said...

First of all I would like to thank you for posting your experience. I am always excited for new updates.

I actually have a few questions about your jaw surgery. So here it goes. :)

1)How long did your surgery last and did you have to stay over-night?

2) How long after were you able to talk after having the surgery?

3) Do you have any regrets?

4) How many weeks of work/school did you take off after having the surgery?

I a wait your response and I appreciate your time :)


Kristen said...

Mary - Six months! Aaaarrrrgggh. Oh well. Maybe the swelling will disappear at the same time the braces come off (in roughly six months). Yes, I do still have tingling and numbness in my lower right lip and right chin. Waiting is the hardest part.... I have no patience. But in this case, I have no choice, either, but to wait. Sigh.