Monday, February 05, 2007

Miracle Formulas for Clearing Your Nasal Congestions

Serious nasal congestions would have to be my biggest complaint in all this misery. If you plan to undergo orthognathic surgery as well, OR if you catch a nasty cold next time, keep these things handy just in case:

  • Vick's VaporRub - This stuff ROCKS! Dab a little under your nose, or better yet, mix a smear of Vick's with a glass of hot water and steam your face with it. It does WONDERS.
  • Vapor Inhaler, nasal decongestant. It's levmetamfetamine. You can literally feel this stream of fresh air piercing through each of your nostrils. Much, much needed in times like this!
  • Hot showers - the tried and true. Honestly, I had my doubts. And honestly, even though it does help, in my opinion it doesn't work as great/fast as the two above.


Metoposcopist said...

One thing that's really helped me out is..

Breath-Right Nasal Strips

these babies work WONDERS!!!

Metoposcopist said...

One more thing I completely forgot about... did you're doctor/surgeon prescribe anything to keep your noise moist? Like a saline & salt water nasal spray?

My doctor prescribed something called "Deep Sea," which is pretty much saline and salt water in a nasal spray. It really helps. But since then, I made my own switch to an over-the-counter spray. It's called "4-Way Saline Moisturizing Mist- with Natural Eucalyptol & Menthol." That one's a bit easier on your nose. It's nice an cooling AND get's the job done! All I do is spray it every couple hours and you're good to go!