Thursday, February 08, 2007

Food Cravings

Daniel (a fellow blogger from the Yahoo Support Group) asked me what I craved when I was at the hospital, enjoying the fine cuisine of clear broths and juices. The truth is - nothing. My throat hurt each time I swallowed. Because of all the meds and the breathing difficulties, food was the last thing on my mind. In fact, I still don't have muh of an appetite. Ate a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup for lunch (pureed), and found it WAY too salty. Warmed up some French vanilla ice cream and mixed it with whole milk (I know, it sounds disgusting) - but my appetite disappeared while I waited for it to cool off. Then late in the afternoon I blended an apple with some cranberry juice - and just ended up dumping it.

If you went through the surgery as well, what did YOU crave during your recovery? Got any interesting recipes to share? I'd love to hear from you and get some ideas. :)


Metoposcopist said...

The thing that I most craved was 7-up. It's strange because I don't even like it normally. The reasons I craved it so much was probably due to me accidentally knocking out my IV out prematurely. The IV keeps you hydrated when you can't really hydrate yourself (which was difficult at the time). But my Surgeon came to check up on me when I was dying of thirst carrying a nice bottle of 7-up, and that's ALL I could think of all day XD

A couple days after I got home (AND had the nice 7-up). I had the most absolutley WONDERFUL Pepsi I ever had in my LIFE!

It's really strange how jaws surgery changes your taste :P

Metoposcopist said...

About recipes... I'm haven't really dived into experimental blending. I keep things basic for now. I really don't want to make something that will "disagree" with me.

For me, I normally have Campbell's Tomato soup. I live of that for now. I have pureed Chicken Noodle, which is excellent, but I have to put it through a strainer. I have small teeth and it's hard getting thick liquids through my braced-up mouth with the splint as well.

One thing that I do make is a pretty decent tasting milkshake. What I take is a couple scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream and put that into a blender. I then proceed to pouring Chocolate Milk in. I "liquify" it (the coolest button on the blender) and add milk to get the right consistency I want. It's VERY simple, and it's great when you've already eaten and need desert.

Other than that, everything's out of a bottle or can :)

Kim said...

Hi Kristen,

Got home from the hospital last night about 8pm. So far, so good. Liquid Tylenol is the pits!
I found a few years ago that campbell's was too salty for me so I switched to the store brand of chicken noodle soup....for me that's usually GV from super Walmart but I have tried other store brands and always find them better than Campbell's.