Tuesday, February 27, 2007


This posting has nothing to do with teeth, jaws, or orthognathic surgeries. Nope.

Has anyone ever visited Norway?

It's 2:30 in the morning, I can't sleep, and I'm dreaming about the next vacation destinations. Last year I visited Frankfurt, Berlin, Rome, Venice, Paris (again), Hawaii, and Sydney. This year I'm going stir-crazy.

If you've ever been to Norway or Sweden, please kindly give me some pointers. What are the truly memorable spots to visit? What's their food like? Do's and don'ts? Thank you.

On that note, what's the best place you've ever visited?

We can't just all sit at home obsessing about jaw surgeries (not that we HAVE been). OK, maybe *I* have been. But, it's time to change that.

Li, if you're reading this - maybe I should hop over to Stockholm on the same trip. And yeah, I know YOU've got lots of tips on Scandinavia. ;)


Beth said...

Hi Kristen. I went to Norway back when I was 7. I don't remember too much of the specifics, but I do remember that I had an awesome time. The people there are sooo friendly. Most people speak English, so you don't have to worry too much about learning the language...just learn the basics. You should definitely get to Oslo...there's a really cool Viking museum there. Also try to get to see the fjords. The food is really great if you like fish and desserts. There's a food called lefse, which is sort of like a tortilla. They spread butter on it and sprinkle it with sugar and cinnamon, then roll it up. It's so good!

Brandyleigh35 said...

How do you afford to do some much traveling? Most young people can barely "pay" attention! Personally....Maui Hawaii is the best place I have ever been, Hilo and Kona were really nice too, but out of all the islands I like Maui best....Honolulu the least.


Mary said...

Hi Kristen, I've never been to Norway but know others who have and loved it! I've heard its fun to do scandanavia on a cruise (although I'm no fan of cruises) that way you get to see a lot of it. In 2005 we went to Gdansk, Poland (my grandparents were expelled after WWII as were all Germans). We also went to London and Berlin and our pictures (about 700) are at http://www.warever.com/europe/ if you want to look at them. Mary

Lisa said...

I visited Sweden to see family several times in my teens. They live in Stockholm so thats where I spent most of my time - walking around the old town (Gamla Stan), seeing the castle and the parliament buildings...its a beautiful city. I was last there about ten years ago, but one of the things I remember is that everything is so clean! We drove across the country to the west coast to visit my great-grandmother in Goteberg. We didn't spend a lot of time over there, but I remember we stopped at some small museums on the way across the country, and we went to an amusement park in Goteburg :-) We also took a day trip to Oslo, and went to the Kon Tiki museum and an "old town" style museum that shows life in Norway several hundred years ago - glass blowing, baking, etc. One big benefit is that almost everyone speaks English, which makes it easy to get around when you don't know much about the language. They're very friendly too! I would love to go back someday. I definitely recoomend it! :-)