Friday, February 16, 2007

Sprint to A Splint-Free Day

It's 6:42 am, I felt groggy until a thought sparkled absolute excitement and just... made my day. Why? Because I came to the sudden realization that this is the first day, per Dr. Li's orders, that I can 1. remove the splint during the day and wear it only at night, and 2. wear two rubber bands, as opposed to four. Yipee!! I wonder if my jaws would feel tired by the end of the day, as I've found the splint oddly comforting. But, I'm willing to give freedom a shot. :)


Mrs. Shanton said...

Do tell! I'm anxious to hear about it!

Kelsie said...

I definitely found that my jaws tired easily when first going "band" free. I never did have a splint, so I can't comment on that. Even now, if I eat a meal that is a bit more chew intensive my jaw gets achy. It just takes a bit of time for you jaw muscles get used to their new position. You are doing amazing - looking good!!

Kristen said...

You're right! My jaws do tire easily. I almost feel as though I NEED the splint. Oh well. Maybe it's time to tough it out, and "talk" less.