Friday, February 09, 2007

Still Round

My friend Anna came to visit and brought some really yummy ramen noodle soup. She also gave me a lentil dal recipe she tried yesterday. Maybe I'll give it a shot too sometime. As far as lunch today, I scooped out the ramen, blended the broth and the seaweeds, fish cakes, and boiled egg, and drank half of the mixture through a giant syringe. That tasted so good! Thanks Anna! :)

Anna's deciding between using Blogger or Vox for her blog. Does anyone have experience with Vox? Is it good/bad/easy to use? I recommended Blogger to her because: 1. it's a breeze 2. it offers mobile blogging and 3. it's popular and versatile.

It's raining hard in San Francisco. Very gloomy day out there. Couch time!

Still haven't taken a single drop of pain killers yet today. Now that's a good sign.

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Mary said...

Great photo. I remember looking like that and how I felt, like a monster. But you look really good already. The bruising will disappear quickly, the swelling will take a bit longer. How is the numbness? I can see a big difference and you actually look younger. I'm looking forward to your progressive photos. And thanks for your encouraging post on my blog! Mary
PS--Clever title for your blog!