Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All Sorts of Sensations

This photo was dated three days ago, when I went to a shooting range in Texas with a couple friends. I was running around rubberband-free. Then someone left a comment about how his/her surgeon said rubberbands help train your jaw muscles to get used to their new positions. So I've put them back on since, one on each side. Plus, my OS, Dr. Li, never told me to go completely rubberband-free. I just thought that I didn't need them, and that my jaws felt strong enough (yes, I cut corners sometimes).

My lower lip on the right side, and my right chin, have been numb ever since the surgery. If I pressed them, I'd get the same feeling as if my leg had fallen asleep and I got up and tried to walk around somehow. Tingling, numb, and uncomfortable. Last night, they started doing that all on their own, no pressing required. Even now, as I type this, I could feel my right chin tingling. Not exactly pins and needles, but close. Is this because the nerve ends are attempting to reconnect? Also, my jaws - the bones and muscles - get sore, not terribly so, just enough to tire easily.

My next appointment with Dr. Li is tomorrow. I go back to work a week from today. Tick tock. Oh my, that means today is four weeks post op. Whoa.

I'm very fortunate to be able to take this much time off. Now I'll go enjoy what's left of it. Curl up on the couch with my cashmere blanket, read a good book, and have some fish, and soup. Life is good.


Kim said...

Hi Krsiten....Got the same feeling in my face. I numb in the same places you are and it's a weird feeling. I tried sleeping lying flat the other night and couldn't do it because I felt like the pillow was pushing my brain into my face and it tingled so bad. So...I'm still sleeping sitting almost upright. Oh what a feeling...Kim

mumu said...

The tingling does indeed mean that your nerves are reconnecting. I bombarded my OS with billions of questions on a daily basis for the first week and a half after my surgery and the tingling in my chin was definitely one of them. =)

Bottom line: any kind of tingling is good.

Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Kristen,
Did you have your surgery done at Stanford? There is a Dr. K Li there who his supposed to be like the best in the world at this type of surgery (for sleep apnea). Just wondered if it was the same doctor.


Melissa said...

you look great; your smile is so pretty now, it's going to be gorgeous when those braces come off!

i'm feeling almost as if the orthodontist's office keeps trying to pawn me off on someone else!! the voicemail the receptionist left was, word for word, "dr. hong (oral surgeon) said that he will not be the one operating on you because he is not able to. i spoke with your dentist as well and he says that the information you need for the insurance company comes from your general practice physician." what?? that doesn't even make sense! it's a little shady. dr. hong is the surgeon who WORKS in that i'm a bit confused. cigna's policy states that i need to send this info to the insurance company:

1. medical history and physical exam with reference to symptoms related to the orthognathic deformity

2. description of specific anatomic deformity present

3. lateral and anterior-posterior cephalometric radiographs

4. cephalometric tracings

5. copy of medical records from treating physician documenting evaluation, diagnosis and previous management of the functional medical impairments

so i'm wondering if i need to go to my regular doctor to get a physical exam?? i went in for x-rays this morning.

i live in colorado springs, colorado.. I'd appreciate anything. thanks, kristen, for being so helpful!

...did i mention how great you look?! :)

Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Kristen,
I went back and look at your first postings and see that your doctor was in fact THE Dr. Li at Stanford. Do you know how famous he is? I mean no wonder you look so amazing! This guy does like 30 or more of these surgeries a month! A month do you know how many that is a year? He is world reknown for his MMA work (double jaw surgery) for sleep apnea patients. He is considered maybe the best oral maxiofacial surgeon in the "world"
You are so lucky to have such a wonderful doctor!

Kristen said...

Hey Brandy,

Whoa. I knew he was good. But I didn't know he was THAT good! My friend Isabelle recommended him. He operated on her a few years ago. Total success, of course.

You must've seen the photo, since I never mentioned Dr. Li's first name anywhere on the blog. But yes, it's Dr. Kasey Li. He's a great surgeon. Very thorough. I can't believe my luck! :)