Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Before and After: 3 Months!

Three-month mark!! It's been three months since my jaw surgery. Click on the photos above to enlarge them. The photo on the left was dated September 2005, pre-braces. The photo on the right was taken yesterday, at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, B.C., Canada (which is, by the way, a beautiful place with lots of flowers. I snapped a photo of a random cute kid walking by).

They say time flies. But honestly, it feels longer than three months! Almost a distant memory. When a colleague asked me the other day how my jaws were feeling, it took me a split second to realize what he meant. :) My diet has gone back to almost normal, as well - still can't do the tougher meats or apples or carrots yet, but all in due time. My chin still feels numb on the right side...and my lower right lip, too. But each week the feelings return a little, so that's good!


Bill said...

Great comparison photos ... you look amazing!

I am so jealous that you're at the three month post surgery mark ... I hit one month post surgery yesterday (will update my blog later today) and I know exactly what you mean about it feeling longer than it is.

Little Luey Fufu said...

Congrats! You look great. :)

Question: when you snap photos of random cute kids walking by, do you ask their parents' permission first? Or do you just do it and go about your business?

(My husband is a photographer and has passed up a few great shots of random kids because he didn't want their parents to freak out and think he was some kind of sicko.) :)

Kristen said...

Hey Luey Fufu,

Good question. I don't usually take shots of kids. In this particular case, no I didn't ask for permission. I saw the kid sneeze and waddle his way over to me, very cute. My camera was already out 'cause I was shooting the scenery - so I just pointed it in his path and when he walked into it, bingo. :P The photo doesn't show his face, so his identity is protected.

Mary said...

Kristen, I continue to be amazed by your transformation. You look so happy and young!!! (not that you didn't look great before, you did). Do people actually recognize you? Mary

Mrs. Shanton said...

Welll...you started out as a very pretty young woman anyway, very friendly-looking and metropolitan. But I have to say, you do look younger now, and I like your upper a lot better. You have a nice balance.
Congrats on three months!

Kristen said...

Thanks for the compliments, folks! I never realized how "gummy" my smile looked before the surgery. It just never occurred to me or bothered me. But I'm glad my surgeon did what he did and results are good.

Mary - to answer your question, mostly people recognize me. They only say - "Hmm, you look different", or "I wouldn't have recognized you", if they haven't seen me in a while and come across a recent photo. But if they see me in person, then most people chalk it up to a haircut, or simply, "you look good!". :) I think it must be a unique experience to see someone you know alter his/her facial structure, for reasons medical or cosmetic.

chinderella said...

It's true, you do look younger. On the pictures anyway.
And it sounds like the sensitivity is coming back pretty fast. Excellent!