Thursday, May 31, 2007

Four-Month Mark!

Wow, it's been four months already, since my jaw surgery on January 31st. I don't think about it much anymore....the swelling's probably all gone - if it hasn't then at least I haven't noticed. The numbness in my chin still lingers, but only about 10%.

The BEST part? Had an appointment with the ortho today to adjust my braces. She had originally estimated to de-brace me by February of 2008. This afternoon she told me it would happen a lot sooner - around mid-September! I am completely thrilled. :)

The photo on the top left shows my profile before braces. The one on the right is my profile as of today. For more before and after photos, click on the links in the left-hand column.


Erin said...

Looking good Ms. Kristen! Getting your braces off in September is so soon! (Especially when the estimate was February!) Your surgeon must've done an awesome job. My orthodontist said that things can get done pretty quickly after surgery if the surgeon does a good job. Mine better do a good job!

Bill said...

Looking good! Great news about your possible de-bracing date. I've only had one post-surgery appointment with my Ortho so far but I'm hoping for good news like yours.

Mae said...

hi i have braces and im going for my jaw surgery in a few months, i have similar situation to yours. I notice your nose has changed after the surgery and it looks very goood! I am not hapy with my nose.. Did u get a nose job or did your nose change naturally after the surgery?