Sunday, July 01, 2007

Five Months!

Five months post-op today! Before and after photos compared to about a year ago. There's still some numbness in my right chin, and lower right lip, but not much. Maybe 5%?

Mary had asked me in one of her comments if people treat me differently (after the change in my appearance). Good question! I had to think about it for a while. Hmm....No I can't say that people treat me differently, other than that perhaps strangers seem to approach me more often, with random small talks, at ice cream parlors, grocery stores, et cetera. The biggest change took place within my own mind. I feel less self-conscious and more self-confident. I no longer feel the need to conceal my profile and put my best face forward, so to speak. It feels so great to look normal, to know that my teeth and jaws fall exactly where they should (no more edge-on-edge bite!). Sure, the whole ordeal cost a lot of money. But the confidence it brings me is priceless.


Graham said...

You look awesome!! And such great news about the confidence boost. People can definitely sense it and that's probably why they approach you more often now, that and they just think you're cute! Chew on that one for a while. :)

Bill said...

I agree with Graham ... you do look awesome! Very nice comparison photos.

I know exactly what you're talking about concerning your new-found self-confidence. Strangely, my confidence started to grow as soon as the braces were first applied. My appearance hadn't yet changed (much) but I was finally *doing something* and that, in and of itself, was enough.

I went to visit a friend of mine in Connecticut the weekend before last and it was the first time she had seen me since the surgery. After I'd been there awhile I logged on to my Blog (along with yours, Brandy's and Stephanie's Blogs) and showed her the pictures I'd posted on mine. Funnily (is that a word) enough, she told me that is the first photo she can remember where I smiled ... and it's all due to the inner confidence this whole orthognathic journey has brought about.

As you say, the feeling is priceless.

Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Kristen,
Those are great comparison pics. I can see a huge difference in your face now. The swelling looks like it has really come down a lot in the last few months. Your cheekbones are more defined and you don't have that round look anymore! You even look more confident in those pics!
I totally agree with you regarding the confidence boost...and like Graham said, you really do look adorable now!