Monday, February 26, 2007

Flex Spending Frustrations

Faxed my flexible spending claim form, along with the receipt from my surgeon's office, to Allegiance last Thursday. I'd written an insanely big check for the surgery (my OS is out of network, so even though Aetna pays a large %, I still have to pick up the rest). Naturally, I want to get some money back from flex spending ASAP.

Just logged into my account to see that even though they did receive the claim, they didn't seem to understand the fact that I'd already paid. They only recognized the charge, but not my payment. H-e-l-l-o? What is the receipt for then? Doesn't it state clearly on there that the doctor's already received my payment, hence, the receipt? I'm seriously annoyed. Tomorrow, Doug will help me resend the fax, this time WITH a copy of my check, front and back. Unbelievable how incompetent some people can be. It's really no fun dealing with all this, on top of everything else!

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