Friday, February 16, 2007

MLD Therapy

After reading a message on the Yahoo support group discussion board how MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage) therapy helped relieve tension and tightness for one fellow surgery patient, I looked up MLD therapists in San Francisco. Spoke with one over the phone, she doesn't take any insurance - no go. Left a voicemail for another, and sent an e-mail. It seems like she takes PPO, albeit out-of-network. We'll see what happens! I'm dying to relieve some of the pain/pressure in my face and neck. My OS said it's OK to do MLD (strangely enough, he's never heard of it). In fact, he said as long as I don't stress out my jaws, I can do whatever I want to feel better. :)

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Mary said...

Hey Kristen, I had several MLD massage sessions after my surger (wish I knew about it beforehand) and I highly recommend it. I could see a difference in the swelling after each session. I recommend that you find a vodder-trained therapist as MLD is tricky and most regular massage therapists are not trained to do it. You look absolutely amazing and I love your attitude and your many photos and updates. And what is exciting is that you will continue to see improvements as the days, weeks, and even months go by. Oh, and thanks for your kind comment on my blog! Mary