Saturday, February 17, 2007

Farmers' Market

The weather is unbelievably nice today. Went to the farmers' market at the Embarcadero to enjoy some sun. There were so many - SO MANY - fresh fruits and vegetables. Salmon, sausages, eggs, warm pastries.... tempting smell of food permeating through the air. Divine....torture. I couldn't eat anything! So I threw a fit. LOL. Had fresh squeezed celery and beet juice at the juice bar. It smelled worse than it tasted, and it was absolutely disgusting. But I needed the iron. After downing a whole 16-oz of that, I also needed a gelato milkshake to wash away the unpleasantry. Ciao Bella didn't have my favorite flavor today, the Fromage Blanc, so I opted for a Spun Monkey instead, a mixture of ground espresso and chocolate gelato (they ran out of bananas). It tasted heavenly, especially after the beet and celery juice!

My upper and lower teeth don't touch yet, there are quite some gaps in between. My OS and ortho had prepared me for that, and said they'd fix it with further orthodontics work. That's alright. For now I'm just amazed to even have a normal overjet. The first post-op brushing felt so oddly unfamiliar because my teeth are positioned differently now. Weird, but good. My jaws feel tired without the support of the splint. It was a relief to put the splint back in last night before bed. But I suppose I need the exercise to help restore the muscle strength. Assuming Aetna covers part of it, albeit out of network, I have an appointment with an MLD therapist next Thursday to help reduce the swelling. She sounded very nice over the phone. Can't wait! The heaviness in my cheeks, jaws, and neck is taking its toll on me.

Now I need a nap.

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