Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Speech Therapy?

I posted a question re: speech therapy and therapist recommendations on the metal mouth message board. Someone asked me why I thought I might need it. Here's my response:

"Since the surgery repositioned my upper and lower jaws, it's taking some getting used to, as far as eating and talking. For instance, I never used my front teeth to cut anything fine like noodles, because I couldn't. My curiosity re: speech therapy stems from the fact that as of now, I cannot pronounce the letter 's' without making it sound like 'sh'. Maybe it's because my back teeth don't meet yet (need further ortho work). I simply don't know. Also, I used to compensate with my tongue (pushing against the front teeth) whenever I had to say words like 'two', 'delta', et cetera. Now theoretically I shouldn't have to. But how? I feel like I'm learning how to talk again, and this time I want to do it right. "

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