Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Anthony Bourdain

I'm kicking myself for not picking up this book earlier, when I still had plenty of time before returning to work. Today, the last day of my five weeks off, I started reading Anthony Bourdain's the Nasty Bits. It's a collection of his non-fiction short pieces. He's apparently a world-famous chef, avid traveler, witty writer, and acute oberserver. His wild, but fitting analogies, made me laugh out loud. Since I'm not a book reviewer, and I don't even read that much (about two to three books a year, sad to say), you'll have to check it out and see for yourself - especially if you have some time to kill during your recovery. Not that reovery is so leisurely, by any means.

Here's one of his wildly wicked analogies, in reference to Masa Takayama's tiny, 26-seat sushi bar/restaurant on the fourth floor of the new Time Warner Building in New York City (not to be confused with Bar Masa next door). I don't know how I missed the place, since I've been to both Asiate and Stone Rose Lounge in the same building. Or perhaps it's a good thing that I missed it. Look at the price tag!

"At three hundred fifty dollars per person as a starting point (that's before tax, tip, beverages, and any extras), it's a steal. It's the deal of the century. It's a completely over-the-top exercise in pure self-indulgence, like having sex with two five-thousand-dollar-a-night escorts at the same time - while driving an Aston Martin."

'Nuff said. ;)

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