Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cheek Implants - Part II

Thanks everybody, for your comments. I'm going to ask my surgeon when I go see him this Thursday. I just want his medical opinion on it - because it bugs me that my ortho had mentioned it... and I didn't welcome the idea, and the subject was closed. I'm curious what Dr. Li would say. Probably the same thing all of you already said - wait it out, see what the final result looks like, then decide. It just bugs me that my ortho had brought it up at all. Honestly, if my surgeon didn't see an immediate need for it at the time of surgery, I don't think I'd elect to have it in the future.

Did a Google Search and came across this price list on various cosmetic procedures - all performed in Thailand. All looked pretty standard, even the gender re-assignment, except the very last one - "Adam's Apple - Reshaving". Whoa. The things you never think of. :)


Bill said...

Kristen, I've been to Thailand twice for about 3 months each time conducting military training exercises.

On each of the pre-deployment briefings we were told to "look for an Adam's Apple" if we were approached at night by a very good looking woman. Seems that there's a thriving market for the "It's Raining Men" type of crowd.

Kristen said...

LOL! Yep, the scarves and pearl necklaces get old fast. ;)

I haven't been to Thailand yet, though I've covered quite a few cities in Asia: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Taipei. I've always thought Thailand is too commericialized. Vietnam seems like a better vacation destination.

Bill said...

I agree, Thailand is very much commercialized ... unless you get away from the big cities. But even then places like Chang Mai and Phuket are becoming more well known and, therefore, more "touristie." I've done quite a bit of traveling throughout my career and lived in Okinawa, Japan for a couple of years.

My favorite places up to this point were in Africa. Lived for a couple of years in Nairobi, Kenya and was able to travel extensively throughout the Sub-Saharan and southern African continent. Beautiful scenery, very friendly people, and English is amazingly prevalent throughout. Has to do with the whole British colonialization thing.

I need to get busy and convert all of my photos to digital format so I can share them!