Friday, March 16, 2007

Cheek Implants - Part I

After reading other blogs and comments, I'm now wondering if I should've considered cheek implants?

There's still considerable swelling in my cheeks - which creates an illusion of high cheekbones, which I rather enjoy. It makes me "look" happier. I *think* my ortho had recommended cheek implants during my first consultation with her. And I was horrified, because of the way she said it: "You show a lot of gum when you smile. We could reduce that gummy smile. What else do you want to change about your face?" HUH? How about... nothing? I felt bewildered. I was certainly not ready for THAT discussion!

Oddly enough, my ortho never brought it up again, and my OS never brought it up, period. Now I kinda wish they had. I want high cheekbones!


Kelsie said...

My surgeon caught me a bit off guard with a similar question. So I went for it and had him augment my cheekbones as well. I think that's part of the reason why I still have a bit of swelling. I don't have implants, but a synthetic material that was mixed with my own bone grafts that hardened over a period of 8 weeks. They did cause a bit of numbness and discomfort for a long time right below my eyes. Now after all is said and done I am very happy that I spent the extra money.

Don't worry, you can always have your cheeks augmented later....afterall that surgery will seem like nothing after having you jaw broken!

Mrs. Shanton said...

My surgeon does them. She didn't offer, but now.... I'm being vain. I think the mid-face swelling was really overshadowing my real cheeks, causing me some consternation, and making me question whether I should've gone with the upper jaw surgery. I don't like my top lip from the profile view. Then I started to think about maybe some nose lengthening, too, because my nose is so short. But I'm going to wait and let everything settle out for a year. Probably I'll be fine by then. I think you look great, though. Why don't you wait to see what your final look will be, after all the muscles have reattached where they will, and the numbness and swelling is completely gone, and the scar tissue softens up a bit? It could take a while. Implants, I think, are pretty easy--don't they just slip them in from inside your mouth? Oh, and keep smiling, because smiling emphasizes your cheeks!

Graham said...

I could be wrong, but I think the way implants were explained to me was that they are used to just round out the "step" created from the LeFort, so I wonder if they would even do what you think they'll do? I was horrified at first because the first thing I thought of was "I don't want to look like The Joker!", but I was fine with it once it was explained in a bit more detail. Anyway, you're looking super good!

Bill said...

You know, this wasn't even brought up during my consultation ... although they did ask me what I liked / disliked about my face.

I agree with the others in that I'd recommend waiting until all of the swelling is gone to see the final outcome and then make the decision.


Erin said...

At my first orthodontist, the admission person started asking me about cosmetic surgeries and I kind of felt offended. It's like she was pointing out all my flaws -- "oh, do you want to have your chin reduced?" etc... my surgeon has never asked me about this stuff and he is a PLASTIC SURGEON! I don't know...the whole experience at my original orthodontist still annoys me. Well, luckily I'm in a better situation now. You look GREAT!