Sunday, March 25, 2007

Que Syrah Syrah

Did wine tasting at Vino Venue yesterday after checking out the Picasso exhibit at the MOMA. They have a great blended red from Australia called Fifth Leg, an oak barrelled combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz with an inviting banquet of berries, cherries, plums and subtle oak. Not expensive, but very pleasant.

Headed to my friend Lawrence's birthday party after the wine tasting. As soon as his mother spotted me, she said - "Oh Kristen, you've gained some....". "Huh?" I did't quite get it. "You've gained some weight, right? It shows in your face. Your cheeks are puffier." LOL! Just when I thought the swelling had almost disappeared. It takes one brave and honest soul to tell me NO, it's still there.

Where was the wine when I needed it? Sigh. Que syrah syrah....whatever will be will be. ;)


Anonymous said...

hey! can i just ask, how long did you had yr braces on for before u could start on the surgery? cos im having my braces on in April. and im gonna start school next year April. so i only have 1 year for everything including healing period! gasps =(

Kristen said...

Hey Anonymous, how long each step in the process takes really varies from person to person. Your best bet is to speak to your ortho and oral surgeon. In my case, it's 12 months of braces, then surgery, then another 6 months of braces. Good luck to you!

Mrs. Shanton said...

Your face is really different than it used to be, more rounded and without the awkward angles. You've got a classically feminine jaw-line. The best possible explanation to Lawrence's ma was probably...was, it was...gaining weight? But I wouldn't take that as a sign that you're still really swollen.

Erin said...

I would start crying if someone made a comment about weight. I get upset enough if someone says, "oh, you look healthy now" because I'm no longer underweight. But that's just crazy me. :p