Sunday, March 04, 2007


I'm going back to work on Wednesday. Just out of curiosity, what were some of the reactions you received when you returned to work post surgery? Did your colleagues notice a difference? Did anybody think it was cosmetic?


Y said...

My mum told me that her hairdresser looked at her for the longest time and 'looked for scars' before she dared ask anyting. Which made my mum laugh. She does look very different.

Damn, I can't wait.

I started a blog dedicated to this too, by the way. I suspect it's going to be slow for a while, but I'm hoping it will help someone that might go through it, the way that yours is helping.
I had to call it Chinderella..

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristen, I'm the girl on 43things :)

I only had my upper jaw reconstructed (I had an overbite but I just had to correct the upper jaw) and I experienced less than 1/2 the amount of pain you went through.. (no splints, ate after 4 days, no rubber bands holding teeth together, etc..).
For anyone who's going to go through the same experience (just the upper jaw), I have posted small comments about my experience on 43things:

I went to orientation day at university, 3 weeks after my surgery. This is my first year of uni.
The people that used to know me, said HOLY COW why is your face so PUFF?
I had no signs of surgery on my face, except for the swelling..
After 2 weeks, (now), the people that knew me (but havent seen me since last year) said that I looked 'different but cant point out what looks different'.

I also dyed my hair to a lighter color, and that kinda threw some people off. One guy thought the hair color changed my face shape!
The new people that I have met at uni had no idea I had any type of surgery on my face.

My friends' reactions are ambiguous. Some still think it was a cosmetic procedure, even though I told them a million times that it was NOT - so they are kinda against my "new face" as they call it. The only people that have paid real compliments to me, have been my family. Pretty sad really lol

Amy said...

Hi Kristen,

I just went back to work today. I'm only going part time as I don't want to overdo it. I'm finally desplinted on March 8th - 5 weeks after my lefort - 3 piece and will go back full time next week. Once I can talk more normally.

My team members are awesome and are hiding me out. They know this wasn't cosmetic and have been totally following my whole progress. I was greeted with hugs and told I look great. The really liked my profile. So far though haven't run into anyone else. One of my database guys and the IT director came by too. They both didn't say a thing about me looking different, they just were glad I was back and told me to take it easy.

I work in a huge company with about 900 people. I've been with them 9 years and know lots of people, so once I come out of hiding from my desk it will be interesting to hear what people say. Good luck going back this week! I can't wait to hear if anyone says anything to you or not. I'm sure most people will be just glad to see you and welcome you back with open arms.
Thus ends our surgery vacation (hardly)...
Take care, Amy

Mrs. Shanton said...

After being at work one week today, a co-worker, who is married to another co-worker, made a bee-line for my desk. He said, "Gretchen says you had surgery." Studying my face, he went on, "I didn't know you had surgery!" Most people I run into can tell something is different, but it isn't until/if I tell them what it is that they then always exclaim, "OH! I thought something was different, but I couldn't tell what." So now I'm at the point where I don't even bring it up. My bruising is mostly faded, and I don't have to wear a splint. I can blame the "no chew" foods on the braces. I also cut my hair a lot shorter, and that throws people way off. It's a good thing, because no matter what, wherever you go, many people will believe that what you did was cosmetic. It's up to you to decide how you want to deal with that. I alternate between resignation (knowing it doesn't matter what people think, since they're mostly ignorant on the subject) and sometimes I get perturbed. And mostly I try not to talk about it. My parents haven't seen me yet. My husband is insecure about it and mostly looks at me with disapproval. I actually am fine with that; he's going to have to put those feelings somewhere, not me. I have other things to keep me occupied. And I know he'll relax about it some day. It's a lot to expect of a spouse to accept such a big change, and I know that. Good luck to you! You look beautiful, no matter what other people feel.

PoWeR__FLoWeR said...

I went back to school like 2 weeks post op and NO ONE recognized me ( I attribute it to swellings...)

Now I am almost 4 weeks post op. I have friends who haven't seen my "new face" who still walk past me and not knowing that it's me.

They say I look different, but can't point out the difference...haahaa...but it's rather fun!

Kristen said...

Yes, it does sound fun. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me! :)