Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Definitive Word on Cheek Implants

Had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Li this morning. He addressed the three burning questions I had:

1. The occasional click in my left jaw joint has returned. Why? Is it cause for concern?

Dr. Li's response: Jaw surgeries don't necessarily correct the clicking. If it's occasional and it doesn't bother you, then it's not a problem.

My thoughts: Whew! The clicking came back about a week ago, and it only happens about twice a day, IF that. It usually happens when I've been relatively still then have sudden jaw movements. It doesn't hurt. That reminds me - my right jaw joint used to click and SHIFT SIDEWAYS to compensate if I had to open wide. It went away completely! :)

2. How's my swelling?

Dr. Li's response: It's minimal. The majority of the swelling is gone.

My thoughts: Yeah, about time! ....OK, I know, I know, I'm an impatient patient. :)

3. Some people get cheek implants when they undergo jaw surgery. My ortho had mentioned it during my first consultation with her. I was overwhelmed and told her no. Should I have gotten them?

Dr. Li's response: Most Asians would end up looking funny with cheek implants. It's because we don't have the high nose bridges to balance them with. I didn't NOT give you cheek implants because you told the ortho you didn't want them. I don't think you NEED cheek implants.

My thoughts: Hooray! Subject closed. :)

Overall, it was a very uneventful (good!) appointment that lasted only about 5 minutes. Dr. Li, as I've said many times before, is happy with the results. I am happy with the results. It's all good!

Oh wait, the ONLY thing is, he seemed slightly surprised that my first ortho appointment isn't until April 5th (my surgery was January 31st). Not sure why my ortho wanted to wait this long to start the braces work again. Dr. Li definitely thinks I'm ready to go. I called my ortho to see if they can move up my appointment. No can do. Oh well. I'll be on a business trip all week next week anyway, so it's not as if I could gain that much time.

My ortho had estimated another six months of braces post op. I'm really hoping to be brace-free by September, so I can have my birthday without looking like Miss Metal Mouth. Well, que sera sera.


Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Kristen,
Glad to hear you are all good! I personally did not think you needed any cheek implants anyway. You look terrific since your surgery, and I think implants would've been a bit over the top. Anyway...glad to hear your swelling is mostly gone and that things are progressing along so nicely. I swear you are like the poster child for this surgery! LOL...

Mary said...

Hey Kristen, so can you post an updated photo? Seems like you got such a great result with your picture I doubt you would need anything changed anyway! Mary

Kim said...

Hey Kristen....glad to hear that you are doing so well. I'm one week behind you and my ortho didn't schedule me until April 10. My OS made the same comment that Dr. Li did....."wonder why Dr. Roy doesn't want to see you at the six week point". I didn't have an answer for him. I am hoping that it's six months from the surgery not six months from the April appointment. That would put me out of braces some time in October...I would definitely be disappointed. I want to be out before my August 25th birthday! Notice the difference of two months...the same two months between surgery and appointment with ortho. Kim

Bill said...

Kristen, good news indeed regarding the cheek implants issue.

Carol said...

hello! i'm getting this surgery too in mid-august.. i'm kinda dreading it.. but i read your entire blog! did you get both your upper and lower jaw fixed? i'm only fixing my lower.. hopefully mine will recover quicker, i'm hoping!

oh, also, you had your wisdom teeth out before this surgery, right?


ps. you're chinese, correct? what do you speak? i speak mandarin myself :)

Graham said...

Great news! Definitely a load off to have that confirmation for sure.

Kristen said...

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. Carol - I still have all my wisdom teeth and yes, I have both upper and lower jaw surgery. Good luck with yours!