Sunday, December 23, 2007

Je ne sais quoi....

I've said I love La Maison Du Chocolat, who originated from Paris, and also has locations in New York and Tokyo. A visit to their store is a must whenever I'm in NYC. Chatted with the sales woman as I ordered my usual - bittersweet dark hot chocolate - as she shattered my hopes with the statement that they'd never open up shop in San Fran. "Never? Why not?" "Because we enjoy the exclusivity," she said apologetically, but with subtle pride.

Hmm. Je ne sais quoi - there's something I like about it, despite the fact that it saddens me.

In parallel, perhaps there are certain things in life we should be exclusive and choosy about - what we read, watch, digest (both literally and figuratively); who we spend time with; WHAT we spend time doing; what occupies our minds. After all, our days are numbered, and each single moment counts, as we can never get it back.

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Mary said...

Amen to that! Its a great new year's objective, I think.