Thursday, December 06, 2007

Brandy's Beautiful Smile

Congratulations to Brandy on her beautiful new smile! Finally braces-free! :)


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through a google search of double jaw surgery. I am a 19 year old female and i CANNOT WAIT to get the surgery! I'm currently awaiting approval from my family's insurance company and then i will go ahead and get braces put on. Your blog has served as amazing inspiration!! Being able to read all of the details of your experience has been a great source of information and has given me hope that my future surgery will be successful. :)
take care,
Victoria, NJ

Kristen said...

Thanks for the comment, Victoria. I'm glad you found the information helpful. Best of luck on your treatment!

Wong Yu Hui said...

Wow that's a fantastic smile! It's so nice to see everyone who have had the surgery almost the same time have their braces removed and faces de-puffed!

By the way, you look so much better now! :) Beautiful smile that is :) Are you done with the puffiness around the nose area? I'm not done with mine, and I'm kinda worried. It's around 10 months post op already!

Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Kristen,
Thank you! I haven't been to your blog lately as I have been so so busy! I appreciate the congrats though and the link of course. Your teeth look wonderful though too! Such an eventful year for all of us huh?