Monday, December 31, 2007

Manhattan, Meh

I'd always loved New York. All the museums, bars, and restaurants in Manhattan. Its diverse population. Even the attitude. Every time I went I fell a little more in love and dreamed about relocating there someday.

But this extended trip changed my view.

It was cold but not cold enough. Rainy but didn't snow. Crowded and lit but not festive. "Sale sale" everywhere but I didn't want to buy. It felt harsh and rushed and you could see the weathered look in people's faces.

The travel to and from was also a drag, especially the inbound flight. I thought I'd boarded Day Care Central - so many screaming, crying babies on the plane that I had to throw my coat over my head to block out it all.

Things started looking up as soon as I landed in San Francisco, however. On the drive home, the Sun was shining, no traffic on the freeway, air was cool and crisp - we're called the Golden State for a reason!

For once, I'm deeply grateful I live in San Francisco and not New York. This feels like, and IS, home.


Mrs. Shanton said...

Ah. You gotta do NYC in the Spring. Purse shopping in Chinatown? SO fun. Cupcakes? Not being cold? NYC rules. Though SF is pretty sweet, too, I must say. Still, I wish we had a Rudy to clean up our town. *sigh*

Kristen said...

Hi Mrs. Shanton - wow long time no see! How have you been? :)

Yes I agree spring is the best time to visit New York. Fall's not bad either. I hate the summers more than the winters. Way too hot!

We need a Rudy in our city, too. He did a great job in NYC!