Monday, October 08, 2007

West (Coast) Meets East (Coast)

Spent the weekend in New York. Saw my cousin (-->) and brother. Ate hotdogs in the street. Shopped at Bloomingdale's. Watched Wicked. Dined at Perilla. Stayed at the Empire Hotel on 63rd. Strolled in Central Park. Sipped hot chocolate at La Maison Du Chocolat.

Sounds nice, and it was. Except, it was too damn hot and humid. Crowds everywhere. People walking. People jay-walking. Gawking tourists. Sweat. For the first time, it was a little too much.

Do I love New York? Yes. But do I love it enough to live there? I don't know.

If you find yourself there, however, do check out La Maison Du Chocolat. Their creamy pastries, rich hot chocolate, and pretty much everything else in the store - more than compensate for their very French attitude. I'm hooked. I absolutely have to go there every time I'm in New York. They only have locations in Paris (3, I think), Tokyo, and NYC. You can buy online, but shipping is insanely expensive.
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Jen said...

you had your top jaw pushed forward?
but I cannot see the change in your profile for this. I only notice the bottom jaw move.
I am only getting my bottom jaw moved and wonder why the surgeon did not recommend my top jaw.

Kristen said...

Hey Jen - I don't know what your situation is, but if you have questions about the procedure I'd say ask your surgeon now to put your mind at ease.

My upper jaw was moved forward. It's a subtle change, though I can definitely feel it when I touch my face - as our hands have memories. It feels more pronounced.

Mary said...

Hey Kristen, you are so lucky to travel so much! I've only been to New York once in the past 10 years or so and of course love the energy! So different from LA. Thanks for your comment on my blog -- I was in Berkeley over Labor Day (yeah the weekend the Bay bridge was closed). I had so much fun for the few days I was there. It would have been great to meet up -- definitely I will let you know the next time I plan to come up. By the way, you continue to look amazing!!! Mary

Mary said...

PS--I'm with you, I prefer the tipped in look. And since I had an overbite to begin with and my advancement was so small, I had my ortho tip my teeth in a tad but hardly noticeable.