Saturday, December 22, 2007

Walking The Grid

In New York. Walked along 3rd Ave. this afternoon, all the way from 52nd Street to 90th - then crossed over to Lexington and backtracked. No agenda, no plan, just free roaming. The almost 40 blocks are peppered with shops shops and shops, of course, but only these caught my eye:
  • Barber shops - they still call them that? It's almost endearing.
  • Two puppy stores - miniature shih tzus selling at a whopping $2,500 each. Errr....ever notice there are equally great puppies you can adopt at the shelter for $60? Grrrr.
  • Bar and Books - cute concept. Too bad they were closed. I peeked in - it's an old-fashioned bar with leather armchairs throughout and bookshelves adorned with heavy hardcovers. Must....go....back.
  • Lorenzo and Maria's Kitchen - gave me flashbacks of Paris. Fancy window display for a cute neighborhood European-style deli. They're on 3rd Ave. between 80th and 81st. Didn't buy anything there this time 'cause I wasn't hungry, but their salad, fish, and sweets all looked heavenly. Plus, they'll be open even on the 24th, so I'm definitely going back.
  • Fig and Olive - they set the bar up high, but only literally. The limited wine selection leaves much to be desired. Sipped a glass of syrah while watching an episode of the British TV series the IT Crowd (thanks Jan!) on my iPod Touch. I just love appreciate the Brits' dry sense of humor - so much better than, say, There's Something About Mary.

Gotta relax now and then get ready a jazz bar tonight. Zinc Bar, Birdland, or the Village Vanguard? Hmm....decisions, decisions.

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Mrs. Shanton said...

Oh, I envy you. My dear friends are in NYC right now. I love Manhattan. I wish I was there right now. That dark hot chocolate sounds ab fab. Mmmmm...