Saturday, December 22, 2007

Zinc Bar

I knew I came to the right place when the Brazilian Jazz seeped through the door as I descended down the stairs to the basement at the corner of LaGuardia Place and W. Houston Street.

Velvet curtains. Low ceiling. Dimmed lighting. A live band enthused in the corner of the tiny bar. A pianist, a vocalist, a bass guitarist, a drummer, and a saxphone player completed the set. Brazilian Bossa Jazz is rhythmic and care-free. You naturally get into the groove - it simply draws you in.

It's two-thirds full. A full bar lined with stools, and seven tiny little tables right across. If you manage to squeeze through the narrow walkway between the bar stools and the tiny tables, it'll lead you to the back room with half-empty private booths, where you can still hear the music, but can't see the live band.

This is a place to listen and be heard but not to see and be seen. It doesn't matter how you dress - no one can see the details anyway.

The band members are thoroughly approachable - in fact, they talked to me during the break. Lovely performance. You know they enjoy their art, which makes you enjoy their art even more.

Interested? Check out Miho Nobuzane's (the pianist) album. They also performed Aqua De Beber, of which Sophie Milman delivers a soulful rendition. Enjoy!

Also - tip from a fellow patron - check out the speak-easy at PDT (Please Don't Tell). ;)

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