Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Random Sentiments

Looking back on this whole braces/surgery ordeal - even though I've got at least 6 more months to go - some random nuggets of thought keep popping into my mind.
  • It was perhaps a good thing that I didn't really look for any surgery related information online before it happened. Sometimes too much information is a bad thing - there's a reason why they say "BLISSFUL ignorance". Haha. I knew I'd proceed with the braces and the surgery. I'd made the decision already. Case closed.

  • The braces didn't hurt much at all. Except maybe for three or four days after each adjustment.

  • But they're so damn inconvenient! After every meal, I'd excuse myself and run to the bathroom to make sure there's nothing stuck between my teeth.

  • They're NOT as socially awkward as I thought. I guess adults are more sensitive and considerate than teenagers and tend to NOT poke fun at you as much. Well, on average (no, I didn't have braces as a kid).

  • Surgery was actually the easiest part. Piece of cake. Really. All I had to do was pass out (with some help from the anesthesiologist, of course) - and viola! Four hours later, mission accomplished.

  • Mission accomplished. But oh boy, the AFTERMATH!! For me, personally - as it doesn't happen to everyone - the breathing difficulties were the hardest part.

  • The swelling - oh gosh, would it go away?! The post op photos amuse me now. Chipmunk! Pumpkinhead! :P There's still some residual swelling, but hey, compared to the photo above, I've come a looooooooooonnnnnng way.

  • The first time I brushed my teeth - about ten or twelve days post op - oh how I LOVED it! Mmmmmm. Minty breath.

  • Milkshakes. The three weeks immediately following surgery were about the ONLY time in my adult life where I could indulge in milkshakes and not worry about weight-gain. And guess what? I got sick of them. C'est la vie.

OK, gotta run to work. More later.


Bill said...

You know Kristen, I agree with all of your observations ... especially the ones about sometimes too much information is a bad thing and the breathing difficulties. I was definitely more apprehensive going into surgery #2 which is strange because I knew exactly what to expect ... I think it's having to take all of the medication again (the taste is killing me!).

Erin said...

I seriously cannot wait to have milkshakes every day and not worry about it! Yum. :)