Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yan Min Said....

Yan Min said...
"Hi Kristen, I have an underbite and I'm thinking of getting the surgery done this summer, but my parents are quite worried and to be honest, I'm quite scared myself. I only have about 3 months off before I head back to school. Do you think that'll be enough time to heal? I haven't gotten a chance to consult a surgeon yet because I'm now studying abroad. Will I still look weird 3 months post-op? I'm scared... :( "

Hey there - do you have braces on right now? Usually this type of surgery, as I understand it, is performed in conjunction with braces. Your orthodonitist and your surgeon should explain the entire treatment plan to you before they start anything. I'm not sure what your situation is - but you might want to consult with your surgeon to fully understand what to expect.

I'm almost 3 months post op (11 weeks now). I don't think I look weird. And believe me, I was really, really swollen after the surgery. Therefore, I think your chances of looking normal before heading back to school are pretty good!

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Mrs. Shanton said...

THREE? MONTHS? Why, that's pah-lenny of time off. Yan Min will be gorgeous in three months. People will be jealous. I'm just saying.
Even Bill has had two surgeries in five weeks and he's going back to work 2 weeks after his last surgery. I know he's a Marine, and all, but honestly, Yan Min will be bored by the time three months is up.
Yan Min: Don't be scared! Be excited! It's exciting!