Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This is the best flight map I've found: http://www.europebyair.com/eba/map/map_eba.jsp

Train around Europe, or fly for $99 each way? THAT is the question.


Mary said...

You can't go wrong either way. If you take a train, you see more of the countryside and you can sleep if traveling at night. If you fly, you will have more time at each of your destinations. So its a coin toss unless you have one preference over the other. Me, I love to take the trains. Although you can never really get away from the cigaret smoke on the smaller routes. If you do go by train, I recommend first class upgrades. M

Bill said...

For some reason I always think of the train when considering traveling around Europe. Some considerations: How much time do you have and how many locations do you plan on visiting?

If you're not pressed for time then I recommend the train. And, like Mary said, I recommend upgrading to first class and/or a sleeping car (if a long trip) ... it just makes the trip that much better :)

chinderella said...

I'd go for the train, if only because airport queues and security are such a pain right now. And trains are good, at least in France, spain, Germany, Italy.. not so much in England.Ahem.