Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday, blurry Sunday

Fortunately, the need for Tylenol was a one off deal. All is well and I've got sundae on my brain this Sunday. :)

My back molars still don't touch (up and bottom). There's consierable gap between them, to the point that I really can't chew things properly. My ortho says she'll put on rubber bands to "hold them together and pull them in".... I'm not sure I understand that correctly. They also definitely do NOT have the right information in my record - because it says they expect to "debrace" me in August 2008. Um, NO, I don't think so. The dental assistant that helped me the other day said she'd double check on that. "It shouldn't take that long, since you'll be in your final wires pretty soon." See why I'm not impressed with my ortho's office? They make little mistakes like that, here and there, and they really do add up to destroy my confidence in them. Dr. Li's office never made any such errors - though I must say they're taking an awfully long time to sort out the insurance payment (sent it to the wrong insurance company at first). Well, maybe it's time I pick up the phone myself. If you want it done right....

But, as it is, it's Sunday, and sunny outside - and sundaes are in order! :)

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Graham said...

Ooh, are you a U2 fan?! :) I saw all 4 Toronto shows last time they were here. ...Maybe we can send Bono in to fix the hiccups in your ortho office!