Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hey Ju!

Ju, let me see if I can address your questions:

hey kristen, hmm got down a few questions. help me out. will the surgeon actually shorten yr chin as well?

No, he didn't, and he doesn't plan to.

did he push back ur lower jaw or push it backwards & upwards too?

Good questions. He pushed it backwards and tilted it upwards. In doing that, the chin "appears" shorter.

will the nose base be larger after the surgery?

Not "larger", but slightly "wider". But this really varies from patient to patient. In my opinion, my nose looks rounder, as does my lower face.

and also, will the braces period actually make our bite worsen before the surg? thanks in advance!!

Yes, the bite did indeed look worse per surgery. It's because they needed to reposition the teeth for optimal alignment immediately following the surgery, when the jaws had been repositioned. Don't worry, it's a gradual process. I didn't notice it that much. Good luck with everything!

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ju said...

hullo again! =D
thank you so much for helping me out with the questions, much appreciated! thanks again (: