Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Got A Date... Kinda

At my last ortho appointment their records showed my estimiated "de-brace" date as August 2008. August 2008!! That's obviously wrong, and the dental assistant agreed, since I'm weeks away from my final wires. I couldn't get a straight answer before I left their office because my ortho was way too busy to talk to me or her assistant (who does most of the work on my braces). See why I'm not impressed? In any case, I called them yesterday to clarify the date.

Long story short - the worst case scenario is February 2008. My ortho said on average it takes nine months of additional braces work after the jaw surgery. So that puts me at early November. Sometime between November and February. That's when they'll come off! :)

I'm extremely glad the surgery went well and there are no complications. Now I just want the roots to move and straighten out. Tick tock teeth! :P

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Bill said...

Wow Kristen. That's a big disparity between what your Ortho says and what they've penciled in for you!

For what it's worth ... my Ortho said it'd be anywhere from six months to a year post surgery before I'd be ready to be de-banded. So, nine months seems to be about right.