Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tea, English Tea

It's 4 PM in London, and I'm having tea, complete with the finger sandwiches and sweets, on Regent street, their equivalent of Market street in San Francisco, or Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

I'm not impressed by either the shopping or the tea.
The shopping... Well, maybe I should've gone to Harrod's, but I didn't want to rush, and Regent street was closer. None of the clothes I tried on fit me. At 5'7" (170 cm) and 140 lbs, I usually wear size medium, or 8 on top, and 6, or sometimes a 4 on the bottom. But here in Europe, what they label as US size 8 are so tight they make me look like a wrapped-up mummy. Three possible explanations: 1. I've put on weight during my vacation (but the clothes I rought with me still fit the same), 2. The European sizes aren't true, or 3. We have been very liberal/forgiving with sizes here in the States. In any case, it's depressing not being able to buy cute clothes because I can't fit into them!

Now, the tea. Honestly, high-end hotels in San Francisco, New York, and Canada all make MUCH better tea and sandwiches than this Caffe Concerto in London. But then again, you get what you pay for.... This just goes to show location doesn't matter, in this case. As a side note, the tour guide on the sightseeing bus said the Ritz serves tea for a whopping £36 per person (as opposed to the £9 I'm paying here), you need to dress up for it, AND book six weeks in advance. Maybe when I'm filthy rich. :)


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