Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I want to cry.  The rubber bands hurt SO badly.
Took two extra strength Tylenols before hopping on the red eye to Boston last night, which is saying a lot, as I have a very high tolerance for pain.  But it wasn't enough.  It hurt so badly I couldn't drift to sleep and I wanted to rip my mouth off.  Well, that wouldn't be a good idea, so I ripped the rubber bands off instead.  My ortho had told me it'd feel a little sore.  But this was not a "little sore".  It was FULL-ON PAIN.
I don't know how I'm gonna survive the next six days.


chinderella said...

Hang in there!!

Bill said...

Hey Kristen - stay tough and keep reminding yourself that the end is near!

The pain should subside after a couple of days, but it sure can be rough. I found that I hurt the most at night - actually waking up because of the pain several nights in a row. Even now, just using the little triangle configurations, I find that my jaws ache more in the mornings than during the day.

Graham said...

What about Advil? It ought to work far better than Tylenol since it is an anti-inflammatory.