Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Red-Eye, Metal-Mouth

I need to go to Boston (I live in San Francisco) for business training week after next. The class starts on Tuesday at 9 am and spans across three days.

I won't land until 6:30 am on Tuesday and will drop off my luggage at the hotel (hopefully they'll let me freshen up), and head straight to the class. Yes - I'm taking a redeye.

Why wouldn't I fly out on Monday, the day before?

Good question.

It's because I don't want to reschedule/postpone my orthodontist appointment on Monday and wait two extra weeks. I have an ortho appointment at noon on Monday, August 27th. They tell me if I reschedule that one they won't be able to squeeze me in again until September 10th. No, no, no, no, no.

Suffer redeye for one night, or endure braces for two extra weeks? Now THAT's a no-brainer (at least for me)!

IF, if if if, everything works out as planned, I should be "debanded" on September 17th. Woohoo!

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chinderella said...

Fingers crossed!