Monday, September 17, 2007

OK I'm a complainer....

I'm sitting in a chair at my ortho's office with mixed feelings. The assistant is coming back soon to make a mold of my upper for the retainer, which I'll come back for in two weeks.

Speaking of which - I had no idea the upper retainer will be sitting in FRONT of my upper teeth, which means it'll be VISIBLE. And I'll have to wear it 24/7 for eight MONTHS. Aaarrggh!


Brandyleigh35 said...

Must be a Hawley huh? Yeah that sorta stinks! My doctor uses the essex ones (which are basically invisalign trays) but we only have to wear them for 3 months then we can drop down to nights only.

Also, I will be getting a bonded retainer on top and bottom.

Two weeks seems like a long time without a retainer, what if our teeth shift during that time?


Kristen said...

GREAT question. I don't know. Maybe if they did move, they'd just force them back into place with the retainer?