Sunday, September 09, 2007

I said I'd do it, didn't I?

I was serious when I said I'd start taking flying lessons. Signed up for my first lesson, and here I am, in a 4-seater Cessna, flying out of a hangar next to Oakland International Airport. My instructor let me do some turns, get a feel of the rudders, and find the right trim to stay level. It was exhilarating. Mark - my ex(roommate) and soon-to-be future roommate - took this photo from the backseat after we landed, and I'd just removed my headset (hair flying everywhere!).

There's so much to learn - aerodynamics, flight maps, all the lingo you hear on the radio - and I just can't wait to chip away at it, and eventually get my private pilot license.

The thrill comes, I think, from doing something I know I want to do, and expanding my comfort zone.

That's when I truly feel alive.
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Brandyleigh35 said...

Wow! You really don't waste any time do you!

Kristen said...

Tick Tock! :)

Bill said...

Good for you!

Lord Simian said...

Very cool!
Where did you guys fly? Over the hills? Can't wait to hear/read more. :-)

nabukay said...

how cool! i loved the heading ' i told you i would start flying lessons' that was too cool. hi kristen i'm new to braces world. getting mine in 3 weeks and i'm 26! anyway its nice to read from some of you guys that have been through it and i love the idea of posting before and after pics. totally cool.

Mrs. Shanton said...

OMFG! Flying?? studly! Flying is not for the timid nor feeble-minded. I'm impressed. I'm of the latter sort, the...timid...feeble? Minded? That type. So I admire you ma'am. Good Job!