Monday, September 03, 2007

Just Do It!

I'm turning 31 in just a couple days. In a moment of self-reflection/soul-searching, I found the running to-do list I wrote on the back of a journal. Some items have been checked off, while the others stare back at me as a loud tick-tock echoes in my head.

Here's the legend:

Grey - Mission Accomplished
Green - New on the List
Underlined - To Do This Year

  1. Visit NYC (well, yes, I have, many many times)

  2. Learn to speak French somewhat fluently

  3. Get a JD (we're talking three years of my life here!)

  4. Adopt a puppy

  5. Own a house that has a swimming pool

  6. Live in New York

  7. Visit Europe (three times now, all over the map)

  8. Own a piano

  9. Watercolor paint something I like (Yep, done)

  10. Weigh 130 lbs

  11. Live in California (check)

  12. Visit Paris (check, check, check. 3 times)

  13. Visit Italy (Loved Venice!)

  14. Earn a college degree (Isn't that a given these days?)

  15. Marry a good man

  16. Get a diamond ring (I've bought my own diamond rings, thank you very much)

  17. Fly 1st class (if flying in a private jet counts, then consider it done)

  18. Make a scholarship donation to my university

  19. Become a US citizen

  20. Read the Bible once, from cover to cover

  21. Take bartender classes

  22. Take drum lessons

  23. Take flying lessons

  24. Visit Norway
Hmm. The drum and bartender lessons can wait. Shaving off 10 lbs to be 130? Nah. I feel comfortable as is. Marrying a good man? The timing isn't entirely up to me. The puppy would have to wait until I get a house with a swimming pool and buy a piano to plant in the living room. Getting a JD and moving to New York - the timing isn't right. I know, I've been saying that for at least three years now. But do I really want to spend three years in law school when it's extremely difficult to eventually make partner?

First things first. This year, starting immediately, I gotta learn to speak French, read the Bible, and take flying lessons. Chop chop!

By the way, can help you keep track of your to-do list AND find others with the same interest. I find that inspiring!


Graham said...

Happy birthday Kristen!!

Bill said...

I second that -- Happy Birthday!