Tuesday, June 19, 2007

United Health Care

My employer is switching our coverage from Aetna to United Health Care. Has anyone had experiences with UHC?


Mary said...

Hey Kristen, love the picture with the lipstick! I have United Health Care. They recently merged with Pacificare and they are paying less than before. But as long as you have PPO and go to providing doctors you should be okay. And of course, it depends on what policy your employer has purchased. My policy specifically excluded orthgnathic surgery but my employer made an exception in my case. I think overall with what is available these days, they are an okay insurance to have.
Hey that's cool about your home exchange trip, hope that all works out. Mary

chevyluvs112 said...

I have (at least for the next couple days) United Health Care and they will not cover anything. I need to have surgery for the TMJ and open bite and my employer specifically excluded it and I was not considered a special case. They just flat out said no. I am switching to Aetna who I know will cover it.

Graham said...

Oooh, everyone needs to go see SiCKO! Check out my blog for my little rant!