Sunday, June 17, 2007

Less than 100 days to go....

My ortho said she expects to debrace me by mid-September. In other words, I've got less than 100 days to go!

I'm dreaming about things to sink my teeth into once they're free of metal braces. Babyback ribs! Sticky sesame candy bars! Caramel! Corn on the cobb! Now I feel like a death row inmate planning his last meal - but the opposite. :)

Speaking of death row, did you ever see that Kevin Spacey movie titled The Life of David Gale? A clever, but wildly disturbing story. Hold the popcorn.


chevyluvs112 said...

Everyone that I talk to that has been debraced says that the first thing they wanted was corn on the cob.

Mrs. Shanton said...

Girl, you can eat all those things with braces on!! I have. I assume you mean those cellophane-wrapped sesame/honey candies? Mmmmmmm... (They got me to the top of Half Dome!)