Saturday, August 02, 2008


Coldplay's tour destinations read like my travel wish list. Though it'd require me to double back to countries (but not cities) I've already visited. Oh the wanderlust.

02/08/08: Hartford, CT
03/08/08: Washington, DC
04/08/08: Boston, MA
09/08/08: Osaka
10/08/08: Tokyo (check)
01/09/08: Strasbourg
02/09/08: Mannheim
04/09/08: Lyon
06/09/08: Barcelona (but NOT in the summer!)
07/09/08: Madrid (check)
09/09/08: Paris (Check, check, check. What's the hype about Paris anyway? It doesn't even make my top 3.)
10/09/08: Paris
12/09/08: Cologne
14/09/08: Hamburg
15/09/08: Berlin (check)
17/09/08: Stockholm
18/09/08: Stockholm
19/09/08: Oslo (for sure, in 2010.)
22/09/08: Prague (A little too Eastern European - I know it's not PC - but freedom of speech!)
23/09/08: Budapest (I hear it's beautiful)
24/09/08: Vienna (almost went last year, but ran out of time)
26/09/08: Munich

Later this year I'm going to Ireland, and perhaps Scotland. Next year will be an all Asian fare: my best guy friend's wedding in Taipei, then adding Vietnam to the itinerary. 2010? Hopefully any and all of the following: Vienna, Oslo, and Stockholm.

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